A place where a gardener would share his vision on current customs of public gardening during public workshops and presentations. The intervention would have been part of the Architecture Month Rotterdam

The site is the Rose Garden in the Museumpark of Rotterdam. And  since the garden has a monumental status, it was not allowed to -among other things- cover the grass for longer than 7 days. So, together with Damen Chataignier, we came up with the plan to make a shed which could be moved every weekend.

During the week itself The Lawn Ritual would take place: Carefully hand mowed partitions would stay cultivated and make place for the shed, workshops, presentations and sitting areas. The other parts of the grass would have stayed untouched to become high and full of grass, flowers and insects.

Project in collaboration with 

Damen Chataignier

Location: Rotterdam, NL

Client: AIR + OMI

Competition entry Rotterdam Architectuur Maand '24